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© Ashley & Stephanie Gamble COLLECTION

© Ashley & Stephanie Gamble

Danny Richo, Emma Bedwell, Lewis Moore, Molly Drummond, Rhys Davidson & Tyler Johnston

capelli corti, capelli lisci, ciuffo, mches bionde, long hair, tied back, sweep to the side, blond mches


capelli corti, capelli taglio asimmetrico, ciuffo gonfio, capelli gonfi, capelli mossi, capelli corti mossi, taglio fronte scoperta, short hair, cut asymmetrical, tuft swollen, swollen hair, wavy hair, short hair, wavy cut forehead discovery

Jacks of London Art Crew

capelli corti, capelli lisci, taglio scalato, short hair, straight hair, layering cut


capelli biondi, capelli medio-lunghi, capelli mossi blonde hair, medium-long hair, wavy hair

Richard Apparicio

capelli corti, capelli lisci, riga al centro, short hair, straight hair, centre parting

Juanmy Medialdea @ Juan Miguel Medialdea Peluqueros

capelli lunghi, capelli lisci, taglio scalato, mches bionde, long hair, straight hair, layering cut, blond mches

Lloyd Court

capelli lunghi, capelli mossi, ciuffo laterale, colpi di sole, long hair, wavy hair, lock sweep to the side, highlights


capelli castani, capelli lunghi, capelli mossi, acconciatura particolare,acconciatura raccolta,brown hair, long hair, wavy hair, special hairstyle, thoughtful hairstyle


capelli media lunghezza, capelli lisci taglio scalato, pi corto dietro, middle hair smooth, I cut climbed, I cut marched, shorter on the back

Tasha Stevens @ Jamie Stevens

capelli lunghi, capelli lisci, taglio pari, mches bionde, mches rosse, long hair, straight hair, blonde mches, red mches

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